Nickoot B.V.

Nickoot B.V. has decades of experience with the conditioned transport of refrigerated and frozen products. We transport mainly meat, but also fish, ready-made meals, dairy, fruits and vegetables. With 35 modern refrigerators and freezers we transport refrigerated and frozen products from the Netherlands and Belgium to France vv, twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.

We bring your goods to various destinations in France, but Rungis, the wholesale market of Paris, is our main destination. From here, many goods are redistributed. Our return freights are also loaded in these regions, in order to be subsequently unloaded in Belgium or the Netherlands.

In busier periods, in addition to our own transport capacity, we work together with colleague transporters (who are familiar with the work), who work according to our instructions and quality, so our quality is guaranteed.


The transport is in our blood, it began just after the turn of the last century, when cattle and meat were transported together in an open truck. On the picture you see a truck of the brand ‘Willy’s’ from the grandmother of Nico Koot, the founder of Nickoot BV.
There was no need for separation of livestock and meat or cooling of the load and a HACCP directive had never been heard of. Over the years we have specialized first in cattle, later in the groupage transportation of meat to and from France with conditioned trucks.

Since 1980 Nickoot B.V. has been led by Henne and Bob Koot. Over the years they have managed to expand the company to its current size.

Service & quality

Service is our top priority. We are keenly aware that in today’s competitive market we must offer added value to our clients. This value we seek to achieve through personal contact with our customers, thus creating a bond of trust. Also, flexibility and short lines of communication are important to us in our relationship with our clients. The transports are supervised by a highly experienced staff of planners.nickoot site

Of course we are HACCP certified. HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points: an analysis of critical points which must be given extra care) is very important for our clients, their customers and of course the consumer particularly. The whole transport process is checked for potential food safety hazards. These hazards are identified and the associated risks are controlled. For us the dangers are limited to the transport of the products. Therefore we try to make this process as safe as possible, using modern equipment and modern equipment. For our HACCP certificate please click on the image.

All transports are carried out according to the HACCP requirements. Furthermore, our (Dutch and Belgian) drivers are experienced and well trained to work according to these specific requirements.