Nickoot B.V. is a family business, specialized in daily groupage of both fresh and frozen meat and other foods from the Netherlands and Belgium to France and back, with Rungis (Paris) as our main destination.

The increasing demand of various customers for daily groupage of fresh/frozen meat and other foods to Spain, has led to this service since April 2016.
Through decades of experience and numerous contacts accumulated in this particular field of transport Nickoot B.V. can deliver your products according to all requirements on time and in perfect condition for your customers.

Currently, our fleet consists of 35 tractors with conditioned trailers. The trailers are all equipped with ultra-modern chillers, so we can transport your products under proper conditions. We can optimally monitor the temperature during transport. Because of the temperature recording equipment the temperature is to monitor and examine at all times.

The trailers are equipped with Euro-meat hanging work and partitions, so fresh and frozen cargo can be transported jointly under optimal conditions. The trailers are equipped with a GPS system, which allows us to follow all shipments carefully and closely. Time and quality are of great importance in our industry, therefore we are using modern means of communication and a highly experienced staff of planners, to establish timely delivery in collaboration with our clients under the right circumstances. Furthermore, we believe in the importance of well trained drivers that our customers can understand, reason why we only work with Dutch and Belgian drivers.